​Dear Future Husband… 

Dear Future Husband… 

It is I, your missing rib, the love of your life and the future mother of your (read: our) beautiful children. 

I write to you because, I long to be with you, by your side, locked in the embrace of your arms, resting on your masculine shoulders, laughing at your wonderful jokes and watching you smile back at me – but only after we have found love, security, peace, comfort, fellowship and most of all joy and contentment in our Father.

 After all, He is the one who orchestrated this beautiful (yet to be) union between you and I. For without Him, this epistle would not have been for you. 

So I write with all the love our gracious Daddy has deposited in my heart to be withdrawn only by you and you alone. The wait has not been, and is still not easy for me. And with all the wretchedness and distorted notions of love and relationships in social media which are constantly choking the most glorious and sacred picture of union between man and woman, as planned by God, I am sure it is not easy for you either. 

How I pray that the beautifully adorned and cunning Delilahs will not come your way. But, if they do happen to, I pray that you will be kept, just like Joseph, from all the Potiphar’s wives around you, and that you will chose not to sin before God as you wait for me. I beseech you to flee, if need be. For my sake, for our sake; for the sake of not sinning against God! 
I pray that you may train your spirit to pray for yourself first, that God may keep you and that you may depict your love for me and our children in the same manner that Christ loved the church: selflessly. 

May God grow you to be the protector of our home, the priest of our house, the provider of our family. 

I  see our children running around the house full of joy, not because of how many toys they have, but because of the knowledge of our Savour. I know you will teach them how to be men and women after God’s own heart and not only by the words of wisdom you will impart on them, but also by your conduct. Just like David proved to be a man after God’s own heart and caused his son Solomon to be blessed because of his devotion to his Maker, and so may it be for you and our children. 

I don’t want to say much, but I will say that I love you!

Not because of what you have done (because we are yet to meet) but because of the Lord’s doing! Because of His grace and unending mercies; because of His unfailing love. 

A love that has broken me and changed me. A love that has and is continually manifesting itself in me. A love that is unique selfless and unending. A love that will forever bind us in Him, our Maker – He Who has written our story. 
Forever yours, 
Your future wife, 
Mudora Lavisa. 


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