A child… 

When the world he so loved, only reciprocated hate and disgust, 

When the only love he saw was through a lens focused on the past,

When all the life he knew was defined by people’s “me, myself and I” , 

When all he had been accustomed to was never asking why. 

Be still child, 

for there is hope. 

Where she wearily sort the approval of others, 

When all she could deem beautiful were in the tales of the books she read. 

All that was impressed in her heart, scars of abuse and rejection, 

Tainting the magnificent image of what life was meant to be. 

Of what love is! 

Be patient child, 

for there is hope. 

In this dying world, 

Not love but hypocrisy,  

governs the standards of our politeness, 

Where giving is propelled by the ranks society ascribes us

When genuine concern is given when its almost too late. 

Fear not, 

Be grateful child. 

Greater is coming. 

Don’t worry dear child, 

there is better ahead. 

No longer should you tear-stain the pillow on your bed, 

No more. 

You were made for so much more, 

If only you’d believe, 

If only you’d understand. 

There’s quite a lot that you’ve been ordained to achieve. 

You are more than a conqueror. 

Be hopeful child. 

Take heart. 

Be of good courage. 

Oh child!

You are dearly and deeply loved,

By One who esteems you as more precious than the finest of jewels, 

One who calls you royalty. 

For you were formed in this King’s image. Yes you! 

He never sleeps nor slumbers, 

watching over your head and affairs. 

Immense love drove Him to sacrifice His one and only Son for you. 

That you may live in Him, 

in abundance,

in abundant joy, 

in his infinite sea of unconditional love and care for you. 

Be no longer a slave to fear and despair,

To rejection and bitterness. 

For you are,

A child. 

A child of royalty, 

A child of a King, 

A child of GOD!


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