Freedom. Adventure. Peace. Purpose. Integrity. Identity. Love. Laughter. Communication. PRAYER.

These are my principles in life.


Hello! I am Mudora Lavisa, but my friends call me Olyvia, and this is where I get to let you get into my world. Well, really, it is just giving you a glimpse of my point of view of the world and stuff, as I seek to glorify God.

I am a young woman, who is at the stage of learning. Learning and living. That’s what life offers all of us, and I have accepted both…finally! I am awakened!

I am saved (Jesus is my Lord and Savior)  and I seek to glorify God as I live, learn and love (just as He loved me first). I am the salt of the world and the light of the world, and I choose to let my light shine in every way possible, and in every area of my life. My prayer is that as I share my experiences and chronicles, that God will be glorified in them in every way possible and that a life will be touched

Thank you for choosing to walk with me as I unleash and uncover the awakened woman   in and around me (and man too 😛).



PS: I love food, nature, photographs, books, music 🙂 , science, my Bible, African stuff, love (yes, i love love) and many many more…..

Oh, and I wear spectacles 😛